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What's my story?
Check it out!

What's my story?
Check it out!

What's my story?

Education and Training

G.A.B.VO Beauty and the Beast

Scott Burns

Commercial Coaching & Demo Production

Naomi Jacobson

Narration Coaching

BM in Musical Theatre

Private Voice Instruction, Ear Training & Sight Singing, & Stage Directing

Kat Hicks

Voice & Dialect Training

Freddie Hoagan

Commercial Voice Over Coaching

Certificate of Drama 
London Dramatic Academy


I do not feel bound to any one place.

I feel bound to people.

As a dual citizen who's lived across the world and the United States- my wild and adventurous Australian roots are tempered by my American revolutionary ancestral spirit. I'm enthusiastic about exploring, meeting new people and hearing their history, and continuing my journey as a life-long learner. Some of my favorite places I've lived are London UK, St. George UT, Adelaide AU, and Austin TX.


I believe every human being has a story worth being retold, and that stories are essential to the human experience. Through stories, we learn about ourselves, about the world, and are able to cultivate a greater care for our common humanity and the individual. Values like family and education are only as powerful as the stories and memories that build them up. That's why I am actively pro-human about my work. I value the development of humankind, memory, and the human spirit, which no AI can ever replicate (and if you're here reading this, you probably believe this too.)

At The Catholic University of America (CUA) in DC, I specialized in musical theatre performance, but was no way limited to it. While there, not only did study music, voice and physical theatre, but I got a head start in directing for CUA's student-run theatre, CenterStage. My directorial path professionally began in theatre education with Encore Stage and Studio, where I directed for Scenes for Tweens and Stage Door, and continued making short films in my spare time. I love to teach and share . Often, the most rewarding days are the ones when I find a creative way to make miserable middle schoolers laugh.​ I continue to direct for the stage part-time.

While at CUA, I studied abroad in London UK and earned a Certificate of Drama from the London Dramatic Academy. Many of the skills I use daily as voice actor I learned from these intense 5 months of study. 


I love goofy mugs, filled with anything warm. I'm known for my obscure movie taste, a love of hiking, kitchen experiments, and can usually be found listening to a podcast.


In addition to voice over work, acting and directing, I also have experience in podcast production, copywriting, content development, and of course, recording and editing. Check out my Actor and Director pages for more info.

​And if you're really struggling to start a conversation with me, here are some of my opinionated hot takes. Please feel free to confront me about them :) : Yes to pineapple pizza; Pugs shouldn't exist; City living is a waste; Five Guys > In-n-Out



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