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Gabriel specializes in musical theatre performance, but is in no way limited to it. She loves Shakespeare, modern dramas and comedies, and film too. As a creative being, Gabriel is drawn to devised theatre, where risks are taken, moments are fleeting, and the curiosity required for experimentation is crucial. 

Gabriel is a very dedicated actor, often filling journals full of notes, thoughts, character insights and questions. She loves the process and exploration needed for well-rounded performances.

Gabriel holds a Bachelors of Music in Musical Theatre from The Catholic University of America, and a Certificate of Drama from the London Dramatic Academy, and she's been performing professionally for over 10 years.

See her gallery and download her headshot and resume here:


"Her dedication to her craft, her preparation and wonderful people skills along with a diverse experience encouraged us to hire her. It's always a bit risky to give a fairly new acquaintance such a huge responsibility but Gabriel was a pure joy during the process. We can't wait to work with her again!"

Bruce R. Bennett

President/Artistic Director

St. George Musical Director

"Gabriel is a tenacious and hard working artist who rarely lets challenges get in the way of accomplishing her goals. She is constantly seeking avenues of content and creativity to both inspire her work as well as seeking new avenues of making work. She is not afraid of what she believes and is not timid about asserting her opinion even if it is unpopular. She strives to evaluate the ethics of her work and how her actions impact others. She solicits feedback and criticism from peers and receives it sincerely."

Jay Brock
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Chair, Department of Music Performance

The Catholic University of America

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