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What is The Gabe Agenda Blog?

Hello, I'm Gabe and this is The Gabe Agenda Blog.

The Gabe Agenda is a place where I will write and share my opinions, my agenda and insights to the life of a pro-human artist, voice actor and stage director.

Sometimes it may be philosophical, intimate, offensive, helpful, just plain weird, but above all of else, this blog strives to be an honest and playful ground for storytelling.

I'll share some of my own personal stories, like my crazy Angels Landing hiking experience and how it surprisingly connects with VO.

I'll give spicy takes on movies and other art forms. Seriously, get me talking about The Last of Us Series, In the Heights (film), and Brazil and you'll wish I had an off switch.

I'll speak about the value of human-made art that connects us to our common humanity, and how navigate an online world filled with distractions in favor of human to human connection.

I'll even offer you a peek at the inner workings of my mind, AKA poggers= Let me show you that cool thing I made! HA!

This is the kind of blog you'll want to read if you're in search of inspiration or courage in your own craft or career. It's for you if you are like me and are always in pursuit of a challenge and new perspective. It's where you can count on an honest story full of heart.

If you're in, let's embark!

To officiate this blog, I'd like to end on a quote from Shakespeare's The Tempest:

Miranda: O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world That has such people in't!


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